Come along on a journey with me…

Today I started the Career Ready Unity Developer program with GameDevHQ! This is my next step in moving my career in a new direction. I have been a successful web developer for almost 2 decades and, while it has been a fun journey and has certainly paid the bills, my enthusiasm for the discipline has waned. Being a creative person, I tend to want to create and share those creations with others. I also want to bring experiences to others in an interactive format. I want to tell stories and enthrall my audiences. Game experiences will give me that opportunity and I can’t wait!

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

After years of trying to learn Unity and Game development in my spare time, without any real plan or structure, I decided that I needed a new approach. I needed something that would provide greater accountability for my progress and something that would save me from tutorial purgatory. I had taken some of the early courses from GameDevHQ in Unity Development before and recently attended one of the workshops available. In that workshop and throughout the courses I had taken it was evident that this wasn’t just another set of spoon-fed tutorials but a framework of lessons designed to teach a more overarching approach to Game Development.

Indeed, a lot of what I was learning applied to my daily work as a Web Developer and I enjoyed the teaching style. At this time I was helping my sister learn how to be a developer so that she could change her career path and much of how these courses were taught had helped me with that endeavor. Recently, I attended a webinar about the latest course being offered that was to focus on preparing a person to be employable as a Unity Developer. I thought that it sounded like the perfect opportunity to steer my career in a new direction and still utilize my existing skillset. My sister was also thrilled that a course that was seemingly geared towards exactly what she was trying to do was being offered! We both decided that this was going to be our new path and we jumped in as soon as we could!

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So that brings us to today. My sister and I have enrolled in the courses and are looking forward to the journey that will transform both of our lives. This space is where I will be documenting the journey and combining what I already know as a software developer with the new lessons I’ll be learning in the course. Stay tuned for more of the ride and feel free to follow me for updates as we go!

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Unity Game Developer, Software Engineer, Gamer, Musician, and Father. Christopher is a creative that enjoys a challenge and loves coding.