Creating a Sci-fi Lab Room

Creating a Sci-fi Lab Room

Christopher West
3 min readSep 19, 2022

In the last article, I looked at hidden shortcuts to make level design easier. Today, I’m look at Creating a Sci-fi Lab Room!

Over the past few weeks I have been working on constructing a Sci-Fi Lab / Control room for the latest GameDevHQ course I am working through, Creating Beautiful Games In Unity. I will share some quick progress on how this was accomplished using assets from Filebase. For more information on what Filebase is and how to use it see my previous article.


The process started by laying down floor assets to create an base from which to build everything else.

Next I spent some time placing walls.

Then I placed columns to make it look ed like there was some supporting structures in the room

After the columns, I build some archways to provide a hallway and some structure for doors that will be placed in a later step.

Next I placed in some ceilings and made sure that they had some variation to make the room look more interesting.

After the ceilings were in place I added a door and supporting walls for it.

Next I added some Sci-fi control panels and test tubes.

Lastly, I created platforms and a scaffolding for the equipment so that it doesn't look like it’s floating in mid air.

This sci-fi room will be used in future lessons to explore the different rendering pipelines and lighting techniques in the rest of the course.

Next Time!

In this article, I looked at Creating a Sci-fi Lab Room. Next time, I’ll be looking at Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline! If you enjoyed this article, or want to come along with me as I progress on my journey, follow me at



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