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  • Rob Smith

    Rob Smith

    Hi there! I am currently on the path to learn how to become a unity developer and will be documenting my journey as best as I can here. Thanks for looking!

  • Austin Mackrell

    Austin Mackrell

    A Honolulu based software developer, that enjoys surfing, spearfishing, and making videogames

  • Backlog Quest

    Backlog Quest

    My name is Paul and I have a lot of games sitting in my backlog. My quest is to play them all and to get at the heart of what I truly love about video games.

  • Department of Play

    Department of Play

    We bring together data and discipline experts to solve problems, improve market performance and make good things happen for PC, console and mobile games.

  • Al Heck

    Al Heck

    Unity Developer and Software Engineer who loves making games with GameDevHQ

  • Cayleb West

    Cayleb West

  • Alex Somerville

    Alex Somerville

    On a quest to become a game developer. Still sometimes providing unsolicited advice about how to function in society.

  • Samuel Arminana

    Samuel Arminana

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