What is Filebase and How do you use it?

What is Filebase and How do you use it?

Christopher West
3 min readSep 15, 2022

In the last article, I added Boss AI and completed the GameDevHQ 2D Game Development Certification track. Today, I’m going to be starting my next course, ‘Guide to Beautiful Games in Unity’. In this article, I’ll be explaining what filebase is and how to use it!

What is Filebase?

Filebase is a repository and plugin created and maintained by GameDevHQ. The repository houses thousands of High Quality assets like models and textures for use in your game development projects. Access to Filebase requires a membership and a monthly subscription which are available here.

How do you use Filebase?

After signing up for Filebase, you can either search and download asset packs from the website or you can install the provided plugin for Unity and search and install packages from right inside the interface. If you are downloading files from the website you can search for an asset you want, like doors.

Select the asset you like from the search results

and click download

to receive a unity package file for your asset.

and then double click the asset file while you have your unity project open to run the import tool

and have the assets brought into your project

The process for this when using the plugin is similar. First you have to download the plugins unitypackage file

and double click it with your project open to install the plugin into your interface.

Once installed you’ll have a new menu at the top of the screen.

Selecting “Open” will open a panel in the unity window that opens a similar web interface to using the browser. The steps from this point are the same as the previous method.

Filebase can be a great resource for high quality art assets and models for use in your Unity projects and has been instrumental in my course work at GameDevHQ.

Next Time!

In this article, I explained what filebase is and how to use it. Next time, I’ll be looking at some hidden shortcuts to make level design easier! If you enjoyed this article, or want to come along with me as I progress on my journey, follow me at gamedevchris.medium.com.



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